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Klayton 2017 Survey

From Klayton:
"I see & appreciate thousands of fan posts, but because of the volume and manner in which they are spread across so many social media platforms it is hard to retain it all. In 2017, I want to get to know you each better & have a greater sense of what you would like to hear/see from me, so my team put together this survey to organize your feedback into a single place. Thanks for your continued support over the years and for empowering me to keep doing what I do."
Klayton //_^)

From FiXT:
Help us make 2017 the greatest year possible! We want to deliver the best fan & customer experience possible across all of Klayton's projects and companies, and your feedback will help us understand what is working, what needs improvement and what you most care about and want more of!

Klayton is an independent artist and owns/operates his own record label, FiXT, with a small staff serving a roster of 10+ artists and fans/customers in over 100 countries around the world. Please take a few moments to help us better serve you!

As our way of saying THANKS, enjoy a 15% Off Coupon Code for the FiXT Store upon completing the survey!
The FiXT Team


E-Mail Address: *

Where Are You Located? *

Which of Klayton's Projects / Companies Are You a Customer Of? *

(Which have you made a purchase from)

Briefly Describe How You First Discovered Klayton: *

Where/How Do you Follow Klayton? *

Check all that apply.

What Is Your Favorite Musical Project from Klayton? *

What Are Your 3 Favorite Song from Klayton's catalog? *

(Anything from Celldweller, Circle of Dust, Scandroid, Argyle Park, etc...)

What Platforms Do You Regularly Use for Music? *

Which projects are most important to you for Klayton to work on in 2017? *
Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
Celldweller Vocal Releases (i.e. - Debut Album, Wish Upon A Blackstar, End of an Empire)
Celldweller Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Releases
Celldweller Transmissions Releases
Ask Klayton YouTube Videos
Scandroid Releases
Circle of Dust Releases
Gear Demos/Walkthrough Videos
Documentary / Behind The Scenes Videos
Music Production / Tutorial Videos
New Clothing from Outland Industries
New Artist Merchandise (Celldweller, Circle of Dust, Scandroid)
New Sample Packs / Audio Software
Signing New Artists to FiXT

Tell Us Which YouTube Content You Enjoy on Klayton's Channel. *

Rate 1-5 (1 low, 5 highest).
View Shows at

1 PASS. Not Really into it. 2 OK. I'll only watch occasionally. 3 GOOD. I'll watch it if you put it up. 4 GREAT. I HOPE you'll make more. 5 AMAZING - You MUST make more. N/A - I Haven't watched it before.
Ask Klayton
Celldweller Production
Studio Sessions
Educational Series / Tutorials
Music Videos
Lyric Videos

Where/How Have You Heard About Klayton's Projects? *

Help us gauge our marketing and press. Check all that apply.

Did You Already Know About Each of These Projects/Products? *

Mark as many as applicable.

For Anything You Didn't Already Know About in Question 12 - Will You Check Them Out In The Next Month? *

What Type of Merchandise Would You Consider Purchasing from Klayton in 2017? *

Tell us what kind of merchandise you want to see in 2017 that you would purchase if we made these types of items available. Select all that apply.

Would You Be Interested In Attending a Meet & Greet Event with Klayton in 2017? *

(Not a live musical performance, but a chance to meet him & get an autograph at a fan event)

How Much Would You Consider Spending To See Klayton Perform Live? *

How Far Are You Willing To Travel to See Klayton Perform? *

Would You Consider Joining a Klayton Street Team? *

Would you be interested in watching Klayton Live Streaming Video on Facebook/Instagram? *

Check All That Apply.

May We Add you to Klayton's Official E-mail List? *

1 Monthly Newsletter + Special Announcements covering all of Klayton's Project (Celldweller, Scandroid, Circle of Dust)

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